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History of 4M Dance Centre

4M Dance Centre began with the vision of developing a hip-hop base dance studio in Galway City. We teach everyone: adults and kids, beginners to advanced. Monika and Yuri are the owners of 4M Dance Centre, both sharing a common desire to bring their international dance experience to students in Galway. With over 20 years in the professional dance arena and multiple qualifications and awards, it is time to pass their knowledge, passion and experience in the art of dance to others. Forming a partnership aspiring to teaching on a professional level, the duo have created a studio that welcomes anyone with the interest, drive and hunger to dance.

4M's vision is to prepare and train dancers who wish to fulfil their personal ambition, participate in competitions and more, and will guide them to a possible career in the dance industry. 4M creates a fun, safe, friendly environment for all participants from the age of 4 and upwards. Creating an internationally-inspired dance space with professional and innovative dance instructors is the very heart of 4M Dance Centre's ethos.

The 4M Mission

We look to promote self-awareness, teamwork, physical and mental development, and the awareness to love and respect both oneself and fellow students. The practice of dance helps students to get to know their mind and bodies better, while promoting mental and physical wellbeing. Education is central to 4M Dance Centre's philosophy: students learn the many benefits of dance, including improved coordination, flexibility, muscle toning, heart and lung strength, and weight management.

Challenge yourself—
Keep pushing!

Dance brings us happiness and we want to share that feeling with all our students. In all aspects of life, only by getting involved, challenging yourself and pushing boundaries, will you achieve desired goals and dreams. So get up and dance if you wish to become more active, lose weight, want to learn a new and exciting skill, wish to meet new like-minded people, push yourself out of your comfort zone, or just want to have a bit of fun. Dance does it all!

Meet the Team

@4M Dance Centre


Founder, Dancer, Dance Instructor & Choreographer


Monika’s adventure with dancing began in Poland when she was 6 years old. Initially trained in ballroom and disco dancing, as soon as she discovered hip hop classes it became her main style.

“Through my dancing adventure I practised, expanded, and improved my skills by taking part in different dance classes such as technique/ballet, and attended workshops conducted by the best instructors from all around the world—Tony Tzar, Candace Brown, Luther Brown, Diana Matos, Maniek Kotarski, Kumari Suraj, HomeBros, Kerrie Milne, Clara Bajado, Kendrick Mart and others!”

From 2007, Monika was a member of UDS Dance Studio, and in 2009 she became a dance instructor.

  • 1st place at the Polish Championships in Hip Hop category
  • 1st place at the Polish Championships in Hip Hop category
  • 4th place at European Championship in Hip Hop category
  • 2nd place at the World Championship in Hip Hop category
  • Finalist of GOT TALENT Show (Polish edition)
  • Co-operation with Polish and foreign artists and companies
  • 1st place at the Polish Championship in Hip Hop category
  • 1st place at the European Championship in Hip Hop category
  • 1st place at the World Championship in Hip Hop category
  • 1st place at National Dance Championship
  • Participation in Ireland’s Got Talent Show


Founder, Dancer, Choreographer, Crafter and Makeup Artist


Yuri has an extensive background with over 20 years both performing and training in a variety of styles. She began her training at the age of 5 in ballet, jazz, tap, belly dance, and flamenco at ISA (Institute Art Superior). Later on she also joined drama theatre training and self-defence.

“While finishing my career and diploma in dance instructor in 2003 I was introduced to Avant Garde Producciones, which focused on art, dance and action theatre performances. Joining this company gave me the opportunity to combine my passion for dance and theatre at the same time. I have mainly focused my dance career on hip hop, jazz, contemporary, cirque, percussion. As the years passed by, I not only became a dancer but also  an assistant director, choreographer and costume designer.”

Working extensively in action theatre performances that use entire rooms and provide an immersive experience for the public, Yuri built a strong base for performing and self-expression. She has taken classes with different instructors throughout the years, and her passion for improvement has never failed. She has learned from Jonathan Palermo, Amir Thaleb, Alma Farinelli, Lucas Trejo, Kerrie Milne, Kendrick Mart, Caetlyn Watson and many other notables. You never stop learning, as her idol once said:

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.”



“4M Dance Centre is the new name of dance school in Galway. Universal and devoted to children, always putting them in a first place. Oskarito, Martynka, Lara, Nikita, Oskar, Oliwia and more kids have discovered that passion is something amazing.

In this case, their interests connect with dance studio they attend after their daily activities. Because our lovely Monika they are making their hip-hop dreams come true. And we are so grteful for that. I honestly recommend to the smallest, biggest and oldest as well!”

Paulina & Marcin


“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.”

Mata Hari


Latin Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor

Niall O'Floinn

The most experienced Irish professional Tango teacher working in Ireland , Niall has over 20 years experience in Latin Dance. He understands movement from a unique perspective as he is an internationally acclaimed Tai Chi Master and has danced all over the world from tribal dances in Ghana and Burkina Faso, shamanic dance in native American Indian tribes to the dance classes of famous masters of latin dance in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Brasil, Cuba and the Mediterranean.

As a 10 year old I was spotted to have talent and was asked by my drama teacher to choreograph the first pieces for 'West Side Story' and 'Grease' that involved elements of jazz and martial arts. I studied African and Latin percussion from my late teens for 10 years making trips to Ghana, Burkina Faso and Cuba as a young adult and immersed myself in psychology and the cultural aspects of many mind/body disciplines with masters. From each, I took the best elements to enhance my personal pedagogy and interpersonal teaching skills, further gaining experience through teaching at festivals and schools internationally .

His curriculum is extensive and includes Argentinian Tango, Vals and Milonga, Cuban and Sosa Style Salsa, Dominican and sensual bachata, merengue, kizomba and regional dances of the many countries he has travelled in. His approach is to always maintain a beginners mind and his motto is 'Believe in each students potential'

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”

Martha Graham

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Hip Hop Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor


Shane has been dancing since he was about 7. He started off Irish Dancing and then joined a stage school where he was introduced to Musical Theatre. Through this, he met a dance teacher who showed him Hip Hop for the first time and he fell in love with it. He began taking classes and learned as many different styles as he could. As he got older, he begun to help with classes and teach some routines.

Once I reached college I joined NUIG’s Dansoc where I took classes and competed in the annual Intervarsities competition. Through college I discovered my love of choreographing and teaching and I worked with the musical society as well as the dance society to teach classes and workshops. I began working for Trading Faces stage school in 2017 as their choreographer and through this I have gotten the opportunity to work with schools and help choreograph their musicals. .

His love for dance and improving has led him all around the world to better himself. He has taken classes in Dublin, London, New York and LA. A quote he loves to live by is

“They’re going to stare anyway, better give them something to watch’.


Dancer, Dance Instructor, Photographer & Choreographer


She’s been a dancer since she was very little, studying jazz, belly dance and hip hop. In 2011 she graduated as a hip hop instructor from the Bayres Studio dance academy, and gave her first classes in the 2011 Bayres Convention in Buenos Aires, among her national and international colleagues.


In 2014 she started getting involved in the dancehall world, while in 2017 she joined Faw Crew, where she acquired the knowledge and techniques of twerk, dance hall, vogue, Afrobeats and house. Yamila has performed live with the crew in different venues and urban festivals, and co-created multiple choreographies.


Her style is powerful, fun, yet feminine. Yamila loves fusing different styles—especially dance hall and twerk. Her mantra is:

“Everybody and Every Body is welcome!”



Dancer, Dance Instructor, Photographer & Choreographer


Laura Geary Dancer and Choreographer. Laura is a dancer,choreographer, and black belt in Shotokan Karate from Galway city. She has competed in both dance and karate from a young age. Laura always loved the way dance made her feel, it was an escape and she felt blessed to be able to express herself through dance. From a young age Laura took hip hop classes and began to perform with this style. Laura loved being on stage and the feeling of losing herself during a performance was like no other.


The passion she had for dance grew stronger when she went on to dance college. Laura started her dance training in Bray Institute of Further Education. Receiving her National Diploma/HND in Technique Performance & Choreography. She spent three years in Bray where She learned and grew her dancing skills. Learning styles such as classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, physical theatre, musical theatre. She also studied dance performance, Dance Research, and performing to an audience. After college Laura came back to Galway and trained many dancers for Strictly Come Dancing charity events.


These shows were very successful raising over 150k for the chosen charity, Act for Meningitis. She has worked with many dance schools in Galway and ran her own adults classes too. Laura has been teaching for over 4 years now and is delighted to join the team at 4M Dance centre, she looks forward to what the future brings .


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