Online Classes



4M Online Classes!!

Since Covid19 started, we have never stopped teaching, we have been using our online social media to stay connected and active with our family of dancers. This time around, we have decided to make it available to everyone who wishes to learn with us so you don't have to wait until restrictions are lifted. You might be wondering how this works and that is ok, we are here to explain it all:


Monthly online class will run for the full month. They will not be available for single classes. The class timetable for the month going ahead will be posted on our website, social media and also be sent by email for your own records.

Terms & Conditions:

Before you start your classes, you will be required to agree to our terms and conditions before your purchase can be complete.

How this works?

Once your purchase is being confirmed, we will send you the link from our private Facebook group where you will be added to our 6 consecutive classes. Once the 6 classes have run the course, the group will be deleted, introducing the new month ahead.


It can't get better than this, 2 classes per week with a total of 6 classes per month for just €25.50! The whole family can dance with us for that price!!!


Facebook monthly private group from the comfort of your own home.

What happens if I miss a class?:

Not a problem, after the class, videos will remain saved for the duration of that month.

Can I choose classes?:

Unfortunately no, once the month starts you have 6 consecutive classes that just run for that particular month.

Would this option be available after restrictions are lifted?:

We will follow the Government guidance. If the studio re-opens, online classes won't be available.